I'am a French architect with a PhD in urbanism and planning and a senior lecturer at University of La Reunion.

I am researcher at PIMENT (EA4518) and associate researcher avec CRH – LAVUE UMR CNRS 7218, both organizations engaged in multidisciplinary research on matters involving territories, cities, energy and housing.

My work focuses on the relationship between design and execution, as well as on that involving a city's various development stakeholders.


Building site as urban design, PhD essay

Thesis director : Hélène Hatzfeld

By questioning the relationship between two related realities usually thought of as separate – building site and urban project – this thesis aims at contributing to a better understanding of actual changes taking place within a city, and managing the relationship between construction and urban design in an innovative manner, to meet the challenges of the coming decades. Building sites and urban projects are often considered as two unrelated stages of change in cities.

Vers une politique culturelle du chantier.

Le plasticien comme acteur du projet urbain durable ?

Rapport de recherche PIRVE, CNRS, sous la direction de Stéphane Tonnelat.

Quelle place le plasticien peut-il occuper dans l’urbanisme opérationnel et notamment dans ses phases de chantier ? A quels questionnements, du côté de l’art et du côté de l’urbanisme, son intervention peut-elle répondre ?